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1 x Imitation leather teardop earrings 55x35mm LEA-EAR-5521
1 x Amethyst Rondel Faceted 8mm AMY-RDL-0801
1 x Acrylic Rhinestone Bow Pendant, Orange 42x52mm BOW-PEN-4205
2 x Glass Round 14mm yellow GLA-ROU-1409
1 x Acrylic Gumball Round Light Pink 24mm ACR-GUM-2407
3 x Mother pearl with cubic zirconia stones 8mmGEM-RHI-0805
1 x Angelic Crystal Round Faceted 6mm CRY-ROU-0619
1 x Labradorite horn charm 10x20mmLAB-CRM-1902
1 x Angelic Crystall 14mm CRY-RDL-1456
1 x Howlite Donut 12mm TUR-DON-1203
1 x Rondelle Crystal with Pearl Coating Hot Pink 10mm CRY-PEA-1006
1 x Composite Quartz Chips 10x20mm COM-QUA-2008
4 x Carnelian with cubic zirconia stones 6mmGEM-RHI-0605
1 x Large hole african turquoise matte round 8mm AFI-LAR-0801
1 x Crystal Rondel 6mm CRY-RDL-0690
1 x Rhinestone ball Rondelle 15mm gold RHI-RDL-1503
4 x Carnelian with cubic zirconia stones 8mmGEM-RHI-0806
1 x Acrylic Cube Faceted Yellow 13mm ACR-CUB-1301
1 x Acrylic Foil Faceted Round Gun Metal 20mm ACR-FOI-2004
1 x Howlite Cross Hot Pink 30x20mm HOW-CRS-3003
1 x Pewter angel pendant copper 39x42mmPEW-ANG-4204
2 x Seed bead dangle chain 2mm CHA-SEQ-0204
1 x Resin Pearl Round 16mm Brown RES-PEA-1662
1 x Angelic Crystals Rice 6mm CRY-RIC-0611
1 x 5MM Bronze open Jump ring MET-JUM-0054
1 x Pewter heart charm 20mm CRM-HEA-2404
1 x Rhinestone Spacers 6mm RHI-SPA-0601 Gold/clear
1 x Round faceted white lace agate 12mm AGA-WHI-1201
2 x Opal Lite Faceted Round 11-12mm 16'' OPL-ROU-1201
1 x Pewter heart charm 13x27mm, silver CRM-HEA-2705
1 x Angelic Crystals Oval 20x24mm CRY-OVA-2025
1 x 8mm crystal necklace NEC-CRY-0841
1 x Crystal tassels with rhinestone cap 20x100mm CRY-TAS-1007
1 x Acrylic Christmas Tree 33x30mm ACR-CHR-3307
1 x Jasper Red Creek Oval 13x18mm JAS-RED-1801
1 x Acrylic Coin Turquoise 30mm ACR-CON-3003
1 x Acrylic Rhinestone Round 24mm ACR-ROU-2405
1 x Angelic Crystal Round Faceted 8mm CRY-ROU-0804
1 x Pewter coin charms 10mm, silver PEW-CHA-1001
2 x Aluminium Beads Round 4mm Cooper ALU-ROU-0404
2 x Angelic Crystall 14mm CRY-RDL-1461
1 x Cross Pendant 24x44mm Gold PDT-CRS-4403
1 x Acrylic Gum Ball And Bow Red 46mm ACR-BOW-4603
1 x Gold Stone Round 8mm GOL-ROU-0801
1 x Hope Connector Hot Pink 13x40mm CON-HOP-4002
1 x Angelic Crystal Coin 18mm CRY-CON-1803
2 x Pewter spacer 3mm, gold PEW-SPA-0301
1 x Miracle Bead Brown 12mm MIR-ROU-1204
1 x 8mm crystal necklace NEC-CRY-0839
1 x Angelic Crystal Round Faceted 32cut 12mm CRY-ROU-1206
1 x Necklace with oval crystals blue NEC-OVA-005
1 x Dragonfly Pendant Silver 68x60mm PDT-DRA-6801
1 x Pewter angel pendant gun metal 35x41mmPEW-ANG-4102
1 x Coral Round 5mm COR-ROU-0501
1 x Composite Quartz Chips 10x20mm COM-QUA-2002
1 x Glass Lampwork Blue 14mm GLA-LAM-1405
1 x Acrylic Rhinestones Round 24mm green ACR-RHI-2424
2 x Seed bead dangle chain 2mm CHA-SEQ-0210
1 x Angelic Crystal Round Faceted 6mm CRY-ROU-0616
1 x Pewter circle 34mm, silver PEW-CIR-3401
1 x Sideway Cross 20mm Silver CON-CRS-2001
1 x Shimmer Glass beads Teal 6mm GLA-SHI-0604
1 x Pewter cross pendant 74x47mm, Silver PEW-CRO-7401
1 x Howlite Round Brown 14mm HOW-ROU-1608
1 x Angelic Crystal Round Faceted 15mm CRY-ROU-1604
1 x howlite rondelle purple 6x2mm HOW-RDL-0613
1 x Miracle Bead Dark Pink 12mm MIR-ROU-1205
1 x Howlite Chips Brown 5x10mm HOW-CHI-1010
1 x Metallic Coated Lava Round 12mm LAV-ROU-1206
1 x Acrylic Raspberry round Green 18mm ACR-RAS-2004
1 x Acrylic Christmas tree 33x35mm silver ACR-CHR-3505
1 x White howlite round 10mmWHI-ROU-1001
1 x Seed bead dangle chain 2mm CHA-SEQ-0208
1 x Black onyx charm with gunmetal top, 10x24mm ONY-CRM-2401
1 x Metallic Coated Lava Round 12mm LAV-ROU-1205
1 x Aluminium Beads Round 12mm gun metal ALU-ROU-1202
1 x Pewter spacer 4.5mm, copper PEW-SPA-0404
1 x Acrylic Rondelle faceted 12mm red ACR-RDL-1224
1 x Howlite Rondelle Faceted Turquoise 10mm HOW-RDL-1002
1 x Knotted 4mm metal bead necklace NEC-MET-0403
1 x Howlite Chips Hot Pink 5x10mm HOW-CHI-1009
1 x Angelic Crystals Rondels 4mm CRY-RDL-04116
1 x Acrylic Gum Ball 20mm ACR-GUM-2016
1 x Cross Pendant with Rhinestone Brown 56x90mm PDT-CRS-9003
1 x Pewter crystal connector 7x15mm, copper PEW-CON-1501
1 x Pewter cactus charm 15x30mm, patina finishPEW-CAC-3001
1 x Shimmer Glass beads Gold 8mm GLA-SHI-0806
2 x Round faceted white lace agate 6mm AGA-WHI-0601
1 x Acrylic Gum Ball Black 20mm ACR-GUM-2029
1 x gold bezel crystal Mariquesa connector CON-CRY-2705
1 x Angelic crystal rondels 6mm CRY-RDL-06192
1 x Aluminium Beads Round 4mm Silver ALU-ROU-0401
1 x 6mm crystal necklace NEC-CRY-0633
1 x Glass Rondelle 8mm pink GLA-RDL-0826
1 x Angelic Crystal Teardrop 10x15mm CRY-TEA-1521
3 x Crystal tassels with rhinestone cap 20x100mm CRY-TAS-1010
1 x Angelic Crystal Faceted Rondel 12mm 10'' CRY-RDL-1281
1 x Charm Heart Silver 31x19mm CRM-HEA-3101
1 x 6mm crystal necklace NEC-CRY-0601
1 x 8mm crystal necklace NEC-CRY-0834
1 x Acrylic Rose Hot Pink 20mm ACR-ROS-2020
1 x Silver Leaf Jasper round faceted beads 8mm SIL-ROU-0803
1 x Connector with rhinestones Cross gun metal/clear 34x43mm CON-CRS
1 x Knotted 8mm howlite turquoise necklace NEC-HOW-6001
1 x Red Creek Jasper Round 18mm JAS-RED-1802
1 x Acrylic Round Silver 16mm RES-ROU-1614
1 x Angelic Crystal Rectangle Faceted 24x33mm CRY-REC-3301
1 x Smoky Quartz Round 10mm QUA-SMO-1002
1 x Thread necklace with butterfly charm NEC-THR-2302
1 x Resin Pearl 16mm RES-PEA-1631
1 x Resin gumball 16mm RES-GUM-1615
1 x Pewter Lapis Elephant Pendant 21X37MM PDT-ELE-2102
1 x Crystal tassels with rhinestone cap 20x100mm CRY-TAS-1013
1 x howlite heishi turquoise 5x3mm HOW-HEI-0508
1 x Lip Connector Orange 19x46mm CON-LIP-4604
1 x Resin Round Satin Finish Peach 20mm RES-ROU-2011
1 x Rondelle Crystal with Pearl Coating Pink 8mm CRY-PEA-0811
1 x Druzy Connector 11x50MM CON-DRU-5002
3 x Seed bead dangle chain 2mm CHA-SEQ-0211
1 x Angelic Crystal Faceted BiCone 8mm 12'' CRY-BCN-0801
1 x Crystal tassels with rhinestone cap 20x100mm CRY-TAS-1006
1 x Crystal tassels with rhinestone cap 20x100mm CRY-TAS-1005
1 x  Round Wood Beads Red 10mm WOO-ROU-1010
1 x Baseball Pendant with Rhinestone 35mm PDT-BAS-3501
1 x Seed bead dangle chain 2mm CHA-SEQ-0201
1 x 8mm crystal with metal spacer necklace NEC-CRM-6217
1 x Round faceted Amazonite beads 4mm AMA-ROU-0401
2 x Matte black onyx with cubic zirconia stones 12mmGEM-RHI-1205
1 x Pewter Charm Leaf 30mm Gold CRM-HOL-3002
1 x Angelic crystal rondels 6mm CRY-RDL-06188
1 x Howlite Rondelle Faceted Red 12mm HOW-RDL-1202
1 x Seed bead dangle chain 2mm CHA-SEQ-0202
1 x Glass Pearl Round 4mm Dark pink GLA-PEA-0404
1 x Angelic crystal rondels 6mm CRY-RDL-0603
1 x Key charm 24x11mm, Copper PEW-KEY-2404
1 x Shimmer Glass beads Gold 6mm GLA-SHI-0606
1 x Shell Oval 20x30mm SHE-OVA-3001
1 x Agate Round 14mm AGA-RO-1402
1 x Imitation rutilated quartz faceted round 8mm RUT-ROU-0801
1 x Crystal Bracelet Peach 12mm BRA-CRY-1204
1 x Leatherette Cord Green 3mm LEA-COR-0312
1 x 8mm crystal with metal spacer necklace NEC-CRM-6214
1 x Acrylic Gumball beads purple 16mm ACR-GUM-1610
1 x Rolo Chain Copper 3mm CHA-ROL-0306
1 x Abalone Pendant White lip Slipper 35x55mm ABA-PDT-5505
1 x Thread necklace with butterfly charmNEC-THR-2308
1 x gold bezel crystal oval connector CON-CRY-1602
1 x Angelic Crystals Rondels 4mm CRY-RDL-0460
2 x Agate Geode Round 12mm AGA-ROU-1205
1 x Angelic crystal rondels 6mm CRY-RDL-06132
1 x Angelic Crystal Black Faceted Round 22mm CRY-ANG-007
1 x Smoky Quartz Nugget 8x14mm QUA-NUG-S11
1 x Angelic Crystals Rice 6mm CRY-RIC-0607
1 x Flower Pendant 24mm MET-FLO-2401
1 x Acrylic Gum Ball Peach 16mm ACR-GUM-1617
1 x Pewter angel connector gold 20x35mmPEW-ANG-3702
1 x Lobster clasp, Silver 17x31mm CLA-LOB-1701
2 x Shimmer Glass beads Green/Purple 8mm GLA-SHI-0802
2 x 8MM Bronze open Jump ring MET-JUM-0084
1 x Acrylic Foil Faceted Round 20mm ACR-ROU-2068
1 x Howlite Donut 6mm TUR-DON-0601
1 x Glass Cube 8mm GLA-CUB-0803
1 x Howlite Pumpkin 25mm Turquoise HOW-PUM-2502
1 x Acrylic Rhinestone Round 24mm ACR-ROU-2411
1 x Cross Pendant 42x42mm PDT-CRS-4201
1 x Angelic Crystal Rondel 6mm CRY-RDL-0681
1 x Acrylic Pendant Rose Peach 43mm ACR-ROS-4302
1 x Druzy beads natural color 8mm DRU-ROU-0807
1 x Resin Pearl 16mm 13'' RES-PEA-1613
1 x Acrylic Cube Plat Surface Dark Blue 15mm ACR-CUB-1512
1 x Base Metal Filligree Round Bronze 8mm FIL-ROU-0804
1 x Opal Lite Faceted Round 5-6mm 16'' OPL-ROU-0601
1 x Coin cross charm 22x19mm, Bronze CRO-PEW-2203
1 x Brandy Prehnite Round 8mm BRA-ROU-0801
1 x Porcelain Pumpkin 12x13mm red POR-PUM-1301
1 x Seed bead dangle chain 2mm CHA-SEQ-0209
1 x Resin Pearl 20mm RES-PEA-2005
1 x Acrylic Bead Round Brown/Black 12mm ACR-ROU-1278
1 x Rolo Chain Bronze 3mm CHA-ROL-0305
1 x Glass Pearl 14mm GLA-PEA-1408
1 x Resin Pearl 16mm RES-PEA-1630
2 x Crystal tassels with rhinestone cap 20x100mm CRY-TAS-1012
1 x Riverstone fossil beads 8mm RIV-ROU-0801
1 x Gold plated tooth pendant, 8x41mm COP-TOO-0801
1 x Heart connector with turquoise patina coating 28x47mm PEW-PAT-18
1 x 6mm crystal necklace NEC-CRY-0606
1 x Acrylic Gum ball round Light pink 16mm ACR-GUM-1601
1 x Acrylic Rhinestone Round 24mm ACR-RHI-2413
1 x Resin Pearl 16mm 13'' RES-PEA-1614
1 x Black onyx with cubic zirconia stones 6mmGEM-RHI-0606
1 x Acrylic Rose Multi 16mm ACR-ROS-1610
1 x Sideway cross connector,Light silver 15x52mm CON-CRS-5201
1 x Tiger eye Round Faceted 12mm TIG-ROU-1203
1 x Angelic crystal round 6mmCRY-ROU-0628
1 x druzy charm 9x14mmDRU-CRM-1403
1 x Resin gumball 12mm black RES-GUM-1208
1 x Angelic Crystal 8mm CRY-RDL-08102
1 x Pewter tiny coin charms 7mm, silver PEW-CHA-0701
1 x Acrylic Jelly Gumball Round, Hot Pink 20mm ACR-JEL-2001
1 x Pewter angel connector silver 20x35mmPEW-ANG-3703
1 x Crystal Bracelet Clear AB 20x16mm BRA-CRY-2007
1 x Crystal Rondel 6mm CRY-RDL-06102
1 x snap button 20 mm black flower SNA-BUT-2004
1 x Angelic Crystal Bicone 6mm CRY-BIC-0613
1 x Tiger Eye Round 12mm TIG-ROU-1201
1 x Acrylic Rose White 16mm ACR-ROS-1604
1 x Pewter heart charm 20mm,CRM-HEA-2402
1 x Acrylic Bow and Round Gold 46mm ACR-BOW-4611
1 x Pyrite rondelle faceted 10mm PYR-RDL-1001
1 x Coin cross charm 22x19mm, Copper CRO-PEW-2204
1 x Angelic crystal round 6mmCRY-ROU-0660
1 x Acrylic Rhinestone Round 24mm ACR-RHI-2409
1 x Pewter feather 61x15mm, Silver PEW-FEA-6101
1 x Rhinestone ball Rondelle 15mm dark blue RHI-RDL-1506
1 x Gray Steel beading wire 0.45mm MET-WIR-0045
1 x Aluminium Bead Gold 12mm ALU-ROU-1206
1 x  Metallic coated druzy beads 6mmDRU-ROU-0601
1 x Glass Pearl 14mm GLA-PEA-1410
1 x Glass Lampwork Nugget Blue 16mm GLA-LAM-1605
1 x 4mm crystal necklace NEC-CRY-0432
1 x Acrylic Chrismas tree black A733x35mm ACR-CHR-3507
1 x Angelic Crystal 10mm CRY-RDL-1014
1 x Smoky Quartz Rondel Faceted 6mm QUA-RDL-0662
1 x Angelic Crystal Round Faceted 96cut 12mm CRY-ROU-1271
1 x Knotted 8mm Black Lava necklace NEC-LAV-3611
1 x Howlite Rondelle Faceted Dark Blue 12mm HOW-RDL-1207
1 x Knotted necklace with tassel NEC-TAS-3602
1 x Acrylic Gum ball round 20mm ACR-GUM-2002
1 x Fleur de lis pendant with turquoise patina coating 64x45mm PEW-P
1 x Acrylic Gum Ball Black 24mm ACR-GUM-2416
1 x Resin round satin 16mm cream RES-ROU-1604
1 x Gunmetal curved bar 2x35mm COP-BAR-0208
1 x Acrylic Rhinestone Round 24mm ACR-RHI-2411
1 x Knotted 8mm howlite turquoise necklace NEC-HOW-4401
1 x Angelic crystal round 8mmCRY-ROU-0809
1 x Acrylic Rondelle faceted 16mm yellow ACR-RDL-1618
1 x Pewter angel connector gun metal 20x35mmPEW-ANG-3701
1 x Sideway cross connector, Dark silver 15x52mm CON-CRS-5202
1 x Acrylic Gumball Round Yellow 24mm ACR-GUM-2404
1 x Crystal tassel CRY-TAS-7614
1 x Angelic Crystal Tear Drop 13x18mm CRY-TEA-1327
1 x Howlite Round White 16mm HOW-ROU-1603
1 x Black spinel horn charm 10x20mmBLK-CRM-1902
1 x Acrylic metallic coated beads 12mm ACR-MET-1203
1 x Lapis Round 14mm LAP-ROU-1301
1 x Pumpkin charms 18x16mm, Silver PEW-PUM-1801
1 x Howlite Chinese knot 24x29mm Red HOW-KNO-2902
1 x Pewter steer head pendant 30X 42 mm, brass PEW-STE-4203
1 x Seed bead dangle chain 2mm CHA-SEQ-0205
1 x Electroplated Lava Round 8mm, Dark gold LAV-ROU-0814
1 x Acrylic Christmas Tree 42x40mm ACR-CHR-4203