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1 x Crystal tassels with rhinestone cap 20x100mm CRY-TAS-1010
1 x Angelic Crystal Coin Faceted 12mm CRY-CON-1203
1 x Acrylic Rhinestone Round 12mm ACR-RHI-1220
1 x 4mm crystal necklace NEC-CRY-0413
1 x Acrylic Christmas Tree ACR-CMS-3051
1 x Angelic Crystal Rondelle Chain 10mm CRY-CHA-1005
2 x Mother pearl with cubic zirconia stones 8mmGEM-RHI-0805
1 x CZ Micro Pave Bar 7x30 MM CZA-BAR-0701
1 x Tube Wood Beads Black 6x4mm WOO-TUB-0604
1 x Quartz Round 8mm QUA-ROU-0862
4 x Carnelian with cubic zirconia stones 6mmGEM-RHI-0605
1 x Carnelian with cubic zirconia stones 8mmGEM-RHI-0806
1 x Acrylic Rhinestone Round 16mm ACR-RHI-1628
1 x Acetate quatrefoil pendants 50x50mm ACE-QUA-5006
1 x Acrylic Dotted Round Blue 20mm ACR-DOT-2002
1 x Rhinestone ball Round 20mm Dark silver RHI-ROU-2002
1 x Sankas beads 10x3mm SEA-ROU-1019
1 x Crystal tassels with rhinestone cap 20x100mm CRY-TAS-1008
1 x Knotted 8mm Faceted Black Labradorite necklace NEC-LAB-3622
1 x Rondelle Crystal with Pearl Coating Green 10mm CRY-PEA-1004
1 x Ox Bone PendantOXB-PDT-0503
1 x Amethyst Rondel Faceted 8mm AMY-RDL-0801
1 x Glass Lampwork Coin Red 14mm GLA-LAM-1410
1 x Rondelle Crystal with Pearl Coating Silver 10mm CRY-PEA-1010
1 x Amethyst Nugget Large AMY-NUG-L01
1 x Turquoise Nugget Small 16'' TUR-NUG-SMA-005
1 x Horn necklace NEC-HOR-3801
1 x Clasp Hook 250g Bag 38mm CLA-HOO-3803
1 x CZ Micro Pave Bar 7x30 MM CZA-BAR-0702
1 x Black Onyx Faceted Rondel 10x14mm ONY-026
1 x Matte black onyx with cubic zirconia stones 12mmGEM-RHI-1205
1 x Rhinestone spacers 12mm black/clear RHI-SPA-1229
1 x Angelic Crystal Faceted Rondel 12mm 10'' CRY-RDL-1247
1 x Round faceted white lace agate 12mm AGA-WHI-1201
1 x Seed bead pendant 110mm SEE-PDT-4503
1 x Rondelle Crystal with Pearl Coating Purple 10mm CRY-PEA-1005
1 x Resin Pearl 28-30mm RES-PEA-3015
1 x Acrylic Rhinestone Round 12mm ACR-RHI-1218
1 x Cross Pendant with Rhinestone Turquoise 46x70mm PDT-CRS-7002
1 x Crystal tassels with rhinestone cap 20x100mm CRY-TAS-1005
1 x Flat beadcap silk tassels 18x23MM COM-TAS-1809
2 x Seed bead dangle chain 2mm CHA-SEQ-0201
1 x Seed bead pendant 110mm SEE-PDT-4518
1 x Howlite Round Turquoise 4mm HOW-ROU-0401
1 x Angelic Crystal Round Faceted 32cut 12mm CRY-ROU-1216
1 x Resin Pearl 28-30mm RES-PEA-3006
1 x Multicolor Quartz Round 12mm QUA-MUL-1201
1 x Angelic Crystal Coin 30mm CRY-CON-3006
1 x Angelic Crystals Rondels 4mm CRY-RDL-04108
1 x Knotted 8mm Faceted Rainbow Calsilica necklace NEC-CAL-3621
1 x Acrylic Round Zebra 20mm clear ACR-ZEB-2002
1 x Glass Pearl Round 4mm Dark pink GLA-PEA-0404
1 x Acrylic Dotted Round Blue 24mm ACR-DOT-2402
1 x Acrylic Round Zebra 20mm brown ACR-ZEB-2003
1 x Howlite Cross Orange 25x18mm HOW-CRS-2511
1 x Seed bead dangle chain 2mm CHA-SEQ-0210
1 x Angelic Crystals Rice 6mm CRY-RIC-0603
1 x Wired Crystal Rondel 12mm Black CRY-WIR-1204
1 x 4mm crystal with metal spacer necklace NEC-CRM-3605
1 x Acrylic Gum Ball Peach 20mm ACR-GUM-2025
1 x Lapis Round 4mm LAP-003
1 x Angelic Crystal 10mm CRY-RDL-1025
1 x Acrylic Christmas tree 33x35mm white ACR-CHR-3504
1 x Acrylic Round faceted 20mm light blue ACR-ROU-2032
1 x Flat beadcap silk tassels 18x23MM COM-TAS-1802
1 x Glass Pearl 6mm GLA-PEA-0607
1 x White howlite round faceted 6mmWHI-ROU-0602
1 x Angelic Crystal Bicone 4mm CRY-BIC-0404
1 x Amethyst Round 8mm AMY-ROU-0801
1 x Seed bead dangle chain 2mm CHA-SEQ-0203
1 x Crystal tassel CRY-TAS-7625
1 x Crystal tassel CRY-TAS-7627
1 x Acrylic Chrismas tree pink 33x35mm ACR-CHR-3506
1 x Zebra Bead Round 12mm ZEB-091
1 x Amethyst Round 18mm AMY-ROU-1801
1 x Aluminium Beads Round 18mm silver ALU-ROU-1801
1 x Acrylic Christmas Tree 33x30mm ACR-CHR-3307
1 x CZ Micro Pave Bar 4x40 MM CZA-BAR-0403
1 x Seed bead dangle chain 2mm CHA-SEQ-0207
1 x Angelic Crystal Bicone 8mm CRY-BIC-0805
1 x Acrylic Christmas Snowflakes 30mm ACR-CHR-3001
1 x Riverstone fossil beads 8mm RIV-ROU-0801
1 x Flat bicone spacers 3x6mm CRY-SPA-0611
1 x Crystal tassel CRY-TAS-7618
1 x Acrylic Christmas Tree 33x30mm ACR-CHR-3302
1 x Acrylic Christmas Tree ACR-CMS-3003
1 x 6MM Light Silver open Jump ring MET-JUM-0062
1 x Acrylic Rhinestone Flower Pendant Purple AB 45mm ACR-FLO-4505
1 x Tibetan Style Round 16mm TIB-ROU-1603
1 x Resin Pearl 28mm RES-PEA-2831
1 x Acrylic Gum Ball Dark Green 20mm ACR-GUM-2028
1 x Tube Wood Beads Turquoise 6x4mm WOO-TUB-0608
1 x Howlite Butterfly Green 20x25mm HOW-BUT-2506